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RealX Exchange - Lease your Land to the Energy Companies

April 07, 2021 Angeliina Season 1 Episode 1
Land On The Range LLC
RealX Exchange - Lease your Land to the Energy Companies
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Welcome to Land on The Range, the pod that tells you what’s what about land ownership, and building wealth, this is for the entrepreneurs, the legacy makers, and the families creating a path living their American Dream 

Chris Noonan is the owner of the Last Dollar Land Company and the Vice President of Real Estate Services for RealX Ventures Inc.

Prior to joining RealX, Chris worked in the American Oil & Gas industry for over a decade in land and mineral leasing, energy development planning, ranchland acquisition, and water sourcing. He is the founder of the Last Dollar Land Company and was also the co-founder of White River Ranch Marketing. While he is not a licensed broker, Chris was honored to be the first Landman in the nation to qualify for and receive, the Fast Track designation into ALC certification.

Chris is an RLI Accredited Land Consultant, an AAPL - Certified Petroleum Landman, and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Colorado School of Business in Global Energy Management.

1) Why would a landowner want to have their land registered on the RealX Exchange?

2) What steps do they need to do? 

3) What does a lease with the energy companies look like and what they should know?

Chris Noonan
Last Dollar Land Company
21399 East Weaver Place Centennial, CO 80016
Tel #: (970) 236-6259

Want to register your land? Submit your inquiry here and start getting contacted by the energy companies!

Interviewed by
Angeliina Lawson
Land On The Range, LLC

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Disclosure: Angeliina is a registered agent with RealX Exchange

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